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If you are looking to start your own business or excel in your current one, our Business Coaching Program is for you.  We have over 15 years experience in the nutrition business world and our program is designed by dietitians! With some self-exploration, your unique roadmap is created. Our outstanding mentorship is not just a business relationship but becomes much more intimate. As you walk through your journey we have complimentary and affordable services all along the way.
Nutrition Business Coaching

Why use a businesss coach?

Business coaches are great for many reasons and have really become more popular over the years. Why not learn, have mentorship, and guidance from an expert? It is like a RDN Health Coach! Let the client lead the way with their goals, on their terms, with a coach that is 100% dedicated to them.  Here are three key reasons to use a coach.

#1 -Sounding Board-

Have you ever talked with a friend and come up with a great idea or plan?  A coach is just like that.  You can bounce ideaDietitian Business Coach Start Private Practices off of each other and hear new ideas.  By using one of our coaches, you get to experience several possible approaches and paths that are available to you. Often times, your coach has walked the path already and has great insight.  Why make the newbie mistakes when they can be avoided? Picking a coach that is in your field is definitely a bonus!  Check out our founder’s story.

Avoid mistakes

#2 -Accountability-

Coaches keep you on track.  Things come up and sometimes you just never get to them. Starting your own business may be on your bucket list, or maybe has been in the works for some time.  Using a coach gives you that push to spring into action. We do this by designing your detailed road map with tasks and deadlines to keep moving in the right direction.

Moving up

#3 -Results-

Our philosophy is that by completing your clearly defined goals, you will have accomplished your strategy plan.  A plan that is well thought out, is your own and represents your brand leads to successful business. Existing business owners report a 50% increase in revenue.  Private Practice start-up time is decreased by 80%.


Why Our Coaching Program?

Our program is just not a few tips and tricks, but a true relationship to help you be successful in the world! Our saying is just that; we want to help RDNs change the world. We are very passionate and since we are RDN owned, we really do know where you are coming from.

Who doesn’t like to save time and money? Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable in the nutrition business and really know the ins and outs so you can accomplish your goals much more efficiently. You can learn from our Function Friday webinars and, of course, from our experts. A unique feature of our program is the discounted service options. We have vetted partnerships to provide the complete solution to business owners, from marketing to software to website design.  We save you time from having to shop around and with the partnership discounts you can rejoice at that cost savings too!


On budget? Check out our small group courses. Work with fellow RDNs in our powerful sessions. Contact Us for more info.  


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