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10 Lesser-Known Tips for Private Practice Success
Image January 21, 2020 Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

Enjoy these 10 tips to achieve private practice success. We recently shared tips on the Nutrition BCS blog for increasing your client volume, such as giving nutrition presentations, online marketing and networking. Today, we’re providing ten simple but perhaps lesser-known tips for improving the efficiency of your private practice – think of these as our

45 Days to Open Your Private Practice
Image July 28, 2017 Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

Workshop: 45 Days to Open Your Private Practice Are you interested in opening your own practice, but would like some collaboration, time and money saving tools? This is the perfect workshop for you. Reason #1  Learn From Others Learning in a group setting has so many perks!  Have you ever heard that two brains are better

Nutrition Business Owners: Gear up for Fall
Image July 16, 2017 Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

Summer time is all about soaking up the sun (of course with sunscreen), splashing in the water, and setting our business up for some fall success!  Yes, that is right.  Fall is when everything seems to gain some order, routine, and self-awareness.  Most nutrition private practice owners will tell you that the fall is when

So Grateful to be a Mother and a Dietitian
Image May 14, 2017 Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

So Grateful to be a Mother and a Dietitian I absolutely love Mother’s Day. To me, it’s not about being pampered, but a day for gratitude. I am a mother. I created these two little human beings. I get to enjoy so much time with them as they blossom into their own personalities and become

How to become a health coach
Image February 9, 2017 Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

Is health coaching for you? Health coaching is an emerging trend that has shown to dramatically increase the success of individuals reaching their wellness goals. Health Coaching is a growth-fostering relationship that promotes lasting change aligned with an individual’s values.  It is not the job of the coach to tell the client what to do