Marketing: Increase Your Client Volume!

Marketing: Increase Your Client Volume!
November 1, 2020 Comments Off on Marketing: Increase Your Client Volume! Grow Your Business Nicole

Marketing: Increase Your Client Volume!

Time and time again, I am asked how to market one’s private practice. While marketing your nutrition business can be daunting at times, it is important to set aside time to think about your marketing strategy – and tactics – so as to increase your revenue year over year.

Start small. Don’t feel as though you have to put ads in every publication – that’s costly and oftentimes not very effective! Instead, think about how you can really reach your core target clients. Be specific when defining your ideal client, and specific about how you will go about reaching them. Below are three suggested tactics for reaching your audience(s), including giving presentations, online marketing and promotion, and via networking and referrals.  

  1. Get Out There! Give Presentations

Think about where your ideal clients spend their time – are they busy moms who regularly workout three times per week? Are they teen athletes who spend a couple of hours working on homework at the local coffee shop? Secure a meeting with your appropriate human resource contact – this might be the yoga studio owner, the school athletic director, etc. and discuss how your nutrition presentation will benefit members, students, etc.  

You might also approach the HR lead at various local companies and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, women’s groups, community programs, etc. The sky truly is the limit – just spend time thinking first about your core potential clients and how you are going to reach them where they are.

  1. Online Marketing and Promotion

There are countless means of marketing your services online, including providing a regular newsletter, offering freebies on your website, offering a webinar for a nominal fee, or via social media. Use all of the above to drive people to your site and to sign up upon visiting – whether for a freebie or paid promo. Capture their email and other contact information so that you can grow your contacts list. They are clearly interested in your services or your resources when they sign up – list generation allows you to keep in touch and turn them into paying clients!

  1. It’s Who You Know, Not What You Know

You’ve heard this one before. Ask your friend to put you in touch with her PTA group. Ask your colleague to put you in touch with his biking club. Ask your Pilates instructor to put you in touch with her friends who work at other studios.

Reach out to primary care providers who may be in-network on the same insurance plans as you. Invite referrals and return the favor. Lastly, consider reaching out to insurance brokers who can provide “ins” with various local companies for you. Many (if not all) companies are looking to improve their employees’ health and wellness – and you should get your foot in the door via brokers before a “nutritionist” beats you to it!

The Nutrition BCS team could go on regarding marketing your practice and growing your client volume. We’ll keep addressing ideas on future posts. If you wish to speak with our team in more detail about marketing your practice, sign up for our Business Coaching session today!

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Let us know if you have questions on the above, and how we can provide resources for you to reach your client growth goals!


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