45 Days to Open Your Private Practice

45 Days to Open Your Private Practice
July 28, 2017 Comments Off on 45 Days to Open Your Private Practice Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

Workshop: 45 Days to Open Your Private Practice

Are you interested in opening your own practice, but would like some collaboration, time and money saving tools? This is the perfect workshop for you.

Reason #1 

Learn From Others

Learning in a group setting has so many perks!  Have you ever heard that two brains are better than one?  Yes!  Working, collaborating, and learning with others that share a similar vision can only enhance your outcomes.  Some of the best ideas are cultivated within a group.
This workshop does just that!  Work with others that are in a similar business journey as you and with a leader who has over 10 years experience in private practice.  Each session is designed to get the creative juices flowing so you can create your perfect business. You will leave tons of ideas and plan to get your business moving!

Reason #2

More Time To Do What You LOVE

Ever wondered how much easier it would be to start your own business if you just had more time?  Well, we cannot physically give you more time, but we can provide you with tons of time-saving tips and strategic plans to work on things that manner most.

How much should I charge? How do you create a package? What about a marketing plan? Yes, you need business cards; where do you start, who has the best prices, what are latest trends? You need a website.  Yes, you can read how to and watch YouTube. But if you had a quick listen and learn, followed by best practices for a RDN, you would earn a lot time back.

This Workshop: 45 Days to Open Your Private Practice was designed to provide you with time-saving tips! You do not have to spend endless hours trying to figure out things on your own.  You walk away with D.I.Y. handouts, tutorials, and education to get all aspects of your business up and running.

Reason #3

Stay Frugal

Starting your business can be so expensive!  Where do you spend your money for best return on investment? Are there any good deals out there? Should I take insurance? Does spending in a certain area actually save you time?

In this Workshop: 45 Day to Open Your Private Practice, you hear some great ideas to get your business going without breaking the bank. You will learn just where to spend your money and what will work best for your business.

What to Expect

This is an intimate and interactive workshop in a small group no larger than 6 RDNs.  You will walk away each week with a clear path to start or fine tune your practice. Ultimately, you will have your business up and running within 45 days!Topics include:

  • Business planning
  • Creating your strategic marketing plan
  • Protecting yourself and your business
  • Website creation and design
  • Developing your product and program
  • Sales and pricing
  • Networking

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