So Grateful to be a Mother and a Dietitian

So Grateful to be a Mother and a Dietitian
May 14, 2017 Comments Off on So Grateful to be a Mother and a Dietitian Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

So Grateful to be a Mother and a Dietitian

I absolutely love Mother’s Day. To me, it’s not about being pampered, but a day for gratitude. I am a mother. I created these two little human beings. I get to enjoy so much time with them as they blossom into their own personalities and become more independent. As they sleep soundly next to me on the eve of Mother’s Day, as I write this, I could not ask for more.  Being a mom is truly amazing.

I am not just a mom but a dietitian too. I love my profession! As I entered the nutrition world some time ago, I often dreamt about being able to be a mom and still be a professional. I wanted to work, but I wanted to be around my little ones too. I wanted the flexibility to attend events and participate in school activities. Could I have my cake and eat it too?

Dietitics= Flexibility

In this profession, I must say a solid YES!  As dietitians, we have so many different career paths to choose from that provide flexibility in scheduling and committed hours. From hospitals, to cooperate wellness there often lies that flexibility. Let’s not forget we have the freedom and encouragement to be a nutrition entrepreneur.

I have mixed in both through my past, cooperate flexibility with nutrition entrepreneurship.  Having my own practice and business consulting companies has allowed me to LOVE the work that I do and enjoy my kids often! I may have my laptop open while I was nursing my baby or a conference call may have some sweet interruptions from a run-a-way toddler. All in all, each day is fulfilled with both my loves, making me oh so very happy and grateful!

Are you a Nutrition Entrepreneur?

Now, nutrition entrepreneurship is not for all, and may not be your passion, but there is no harm in exploring if it is right for you.  You can check out our “Is Private Practice Right for You” talk and explore your whys.


For all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!


-Nicole Goodrich MS, RDN

President of Anderson’s Nutrition

Founder of Nutrition Business Consultants & Services

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