Nutrition Business Owners: Gear up for Fall

Nutrition Business Owners: Gear up for Fall
July 16, 2017 Comments Off on Nutrition Business Owners: Gear up for Fall Nutrition Entrepreneur Nicole

Summer time is all about soaking up the sun (of course with sunscreen), splashing in the water, and setting our business up for some fall success!  Yes, that is right.  Fall is when everything seems to gain some order, routine, and self-awareness.  Most nutrition private practice owners will tell you that the fall is when business starts to boom.  In fact, my practice, Anderson’s Nutrition, is typically on a 3-week wait list for a nutrition appointment.  Now is the time to gear up for fall!

Fall is the 2nd New Year

The fall is often referred to as the 2nd “New Year”. We know that when the New Year rings in, health resolutions are hit so many lists.  Well, fall is very similar. That back to school mentality often brings health goal seeking individuals searching for dietitians to help them along their journey.

Business Success Starts Here

This is great news for you!  If you are open for business, now is the time to make those strategic marketing plans. A program such as Hoot Suites is a perfect pair for social media management.  You can create some wonderful looking ads, and posts with Canva.  Maybe even add a “new” program that has a healthy fall food focus.

If you have been toying with the idea of starting your own business, you may not want to miss out on this season.  Getting started now can ensure that you can be ready to hit the ground running.  You can check out our workshop: 45 Days to Open Your Private Practice, on getting your practice up and running in time.

Remeber to check out the Functional Fridays for some free education and talks to help you start, grow, and manage your business.

No matter where you are with business journey creating a strategic plan now will guarantee your success for this coming fall.


Happy Planning!



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