Take your practice from Solo to Group Private Practice

Take your practice from Solo to Group Private Practice
May 15, 2021 Comments Off on Take your practice from Solo to Group Private Practice Grow Your Business Nicole

Ever thought about taking your solo practice to a group private practice? Are you interested in methods for growing your nutrition business or private practice? Of course you are! Aside from traditional methods for growing your business such as marketing, seeking referrals, promotions, etc. how else might you grow your client base and your revenue? Consider growth via hiring additional registered dietitian nutritionists for your practice. It’s time to lead and become a boss.


You might be thinking “I’m not in a position to do that quite yet.” But on the contrary, we say the earlier you are thinking about this, the better. Or, you may have a client waiting list that is bursting at the seams and you’re long overdue for making a hire!


Bringing on another RDN, whether as a full-time permanent hire, a part-time hire, a partner or a consultant can generate income for both of you that you hadn’t thought of prior. Having a group private practice is a renvue generator. He or she will bring his/her “book of business,” or client roster, to your practice, for starters. He or she might bring a new practice niche as well into the practice. Think of the rich suite of offerings that you’ll be able to offer together that you may not have been able to in the past!


It’s Time to Lead: Sign Up for Nutrition BCS Education Sessions


Intrigued? I want to speak with you further. I’ve been there. I’ve grown from a solo practitioner to having six offices across two states; I have five RDNs on payroll and 3 support staff. Let me pass on my secrets to you!


I’m offering my Solo to Group Practice, one-on-one training, to you to get you started. We’ll have a total of four hours of training together, either in-person if you’re in the Downingtown, PA area, or virtually. Room for 2 fantastic dietitians for a February start date!


Here’s what we’ll cover in the three sessions. First, we’ll talk about the pros of hiring RDNs versus making an alternate hire (such as administrative staff), why now is a great time to think about growth via making new hires, and we’ll ensure that all of your questions and concerns are answered during these sessions. We’ll also cover all of the logistics and considerations regarding hiring. Here are the details!



  • Session #1 Create the Structure: Set your group private practice or nutrition business up for success! Let’s ensure you have the fundamentals in place and are ready to have a new colleague.


    • Organizing your practice for two or more RDNs – this pertains to not only physical space, but the organization in general. Who will see which clients? Who will counsel the late Friday afternoon clients? Who will focus on sports nutrition; who will focus on nutrition for fertility, etc.?
    • Electronics – think about what technology you’ll need to have in place for success. A second laptop and cell phone? A second log-in for your electronic health record?
    • Creating systems -ensuring that things run smoothly in your group private practice, you want to have systems in place for scheduling, billing, payroll, and more! 


  • Session #2 How to Get Started: Our second one-on-one coaching session will address the nuts and bolts of making your hire(s), including:


    • Advertising the job – think about where you’d like to source your new hire from, whether it be from your local dietetics association, your local university, a clinic, etc. Advertise at your desired outlets.
    • Interview process – this is an important one! We’ll talk through smart questions that you’ll want to pose to your candidates.
    • Job offer – take time to learn what the going rate is in your area so that you’re providing a competitive and fair offer to your new RDN.  
    • Figuring out pay – know that your potential new hire may counter-offer; let’s get you prepared for this discussion.
    • Protect yourself – put legal documents in place to protect you and your business, including a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement, offer letter, etc.



  • Session #3 SOPs & Onboarding: Congrats, you’ve made your first hire for your group private practice! Our third one-on-one session will cover onboarding your RDN:    


    • Training – will you provide all of the training for your new hire? If so, you’ll need to think about how best to balance onboarding with your current client load.
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – as part of training, ensure that your new hire is up-to-speed on expectations and responsibilities.  
    • What you offer – make sure that you’re selling this role as one that will provide your new hire with opportunities for growth and development. Be a leader and set an example!  
    • Evaluating – we’ll also discuss how best to evaluate performance metrics and growth for your new hire.

It’s time to lead – and seriously consider how your practice can grow by hiring another RDN – or several! Sign up today for this three-part comprehensive training series to get you thinking strategically about increasing your revenue this fiscal year. We can’t wait to speak with you!


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